METAL POWDER Speciality Products


Aluminium Pellets & Granules-Speciality grades: SILPLUX - series:

Parameters Type Particle Size Distribution
D (50%)
( µm )
Carrier Application
Type (% max)
Test Methods Trade Mark
210-80-P Pellet 13 ± 2 Poly Ethylene Wax 25
315-80-P Pellet 10 ± 1 Poly Ethylene Wax 25
315-90-M Granule 10 ± 1 Paraffin Oil 10
315-80-M Granule 10 ± 1 Paraffin Oil 20
315-65-M Paste 12 ± 1 Paraffin Oil 38
720-90-M Granule 85 ± 10 Paraffin Oil 15

SILPLUX grades with postfix ‘P’ are in pelletized form with Polyethylene wax for dust-free applications and the grades with postfix ‘M’ are in semi-paste form with Paraffin oil.
SILPLUX are designed mainly to provide metallic looks to the plastic bodies, light reflection to remote sensing, corrosion protection to create vapor barriers, improving wear and tear properties of plastic body etc.
SILPLUX provides not only natural silver color but also provides sparkling effects with different color pigments.