METAL POWDER Speciality Products


Non Leafing Aluminium Paste -Speciality grades: MIRROLUX & ASRTOLUX - series:

Parameters Sieve NVM
(% min)
Leafing property Particle Size Distribution
D (50%)
Solvent Application
>63 µm
(% max)
>45 µm
(% max)
Test Methods Trade Mark
(ISO-1247) (Malvern-2000)
MLX 20   0.5 65 Nil 22 typical MT
MLX 10   0.1 65 Nil 10 typical MT Aerosols, DIY
A 5505-1 2   78 Nil 48 ± 2 XY
A 5505 2   75 Nil 48 ± 2 High Aromatic Mineral Spirit
A 5405   3 70 Nil 36 ± 2 High Aromatic Mineral Spirit
A 5252   1 68 Nil 25 ± 1 High Aromatic Mineral Spirit
A 7170   1 65 Nil 17 ± 1 High Aromatic Mineral Spirit Aerosols, DIY
A 1123   1 65 Nil 12 ± 1 High Aromatic Mineral Spirit Aerosols, DIY

Wet sieving with mineral spirit as rinsing liquid
Solvent combination / selection as per the requirement of customer as:
MT - Mineral Turpentine /Mineral Spirit /White Spirit.;
NA - MT+Solvent Naptha;
TO - MT+Toluene;
XY - MT+Xylene

MIRROLUX (MLX) series is a high quality superfine non-leafing aluminium paste which has a specially controlled particle size range in silver dollar morphology. Its controlled particle size, narrow PSD and properly oriented flakes gives smooth finish without protrusion makes the surface smooth and also provides excellent color stability, tinting property and easy application suitable for can coatings / coil coatings/ printing inks and other high quality industrial coatings.

ASTROLUX series typically formulated in High-aromatic Mineral Spirit for good dispersion, are new range of non-leafing Aluminium paste products having coin type geometry with roundish edge and highly polished surfaces. These grades of pigments of well controlled particle size are highly desirable for high-end paint applications such as automotive, electronic appliances, cosmetics etc., where very clean sparkling bright aesthetics are required.