METAL POWDER Speciality Products


Resin coated Non- Leafing Aluminium Paste -Speciality grades:

Parameters Sieve NVM
Leafing property Particle Size Distribution
D (50%)
Solvent Application
>63 µm
(% max)
>45 µm
(% max)
Test Methods Trade Mark
(ISO-1247) (Malvern-2000)
A5505R 2   50-60 Nil 48 ± 2 Mineral Spirit
A7170R   1 50-60 Nil 17 ± 1
A1123R   1 50-60 Nil 12 ± 1 Aerosols, DIY
SP101R   1 50-60 Nil 10 ± 1 Aerosols, DIY

Wet sieving with mineral spirit as rinsing liquid

Solvent combination / selection as per the requirement of customer as:
MT - Mineral Turpentine /Mineral Spirit /White Spirit.;
NA - MT+Solvent Naptha;
TO - MT+Toluene;
XY - MT+Xylene

Resin coated non leafing aluminium paste is of sharp particle size distribution to provide excellent color stability and tinting property. Resin coating enhances the resistance against Acid, Alkali, Thermal, Circular, Electrical changes when compared to uncoated. It also improves adhesion property .Due to its enhanced properties, it can be used in speciality coatings of OEM, Refinish, Decorative, Cosmetics, Inks, Masterbatches etc