Zinc Dust (Atomized):

Parameters Particle Size - Dry Sieve Particle size –
Fisher Number
Chemical analysis Application
>250 µm
>75 µm
>45 µm
<45 µm
Metallic Zn
Total Zn
Test Methods Trade Mark
(ASTM B-214) (ASTM B-330) (ISO-3549)
CO 1 max -- Balance 35 - 55 35 max   99 min
FINE 12 -- 1 max 6 max Balance 15 max 97.5 min 99 min
SUPERFINE 4 -- -- 1 max Balance 8 max 96.0 min 98 min

The sieve value of each sieve is the retention after passing through its previous sieve.
Air Atomized–Irregular shape
Manufactured out of High grade Zinc metal

(used for Abrasives, Anticorrosive coatings, Chemicals, Coal mining, Diamond tools, Dry cell batteries, Galvanizing, Filler, Fireworks in aerial display/light bluish green color emitted sparklers making, Fungicides, Glass, Hydro electrometallurgical, Industrial greases, Lubricant, Medicines, Oil industries, Paints, Pesticides, Powder metallurgy, Reduction of organic compounds, Sintering, Smelters & Refineries, Textile chemicals, Thermo diffusion applications etc.)

(Paint that contains sufficient quantity of zinc dust protects the steel surface cathodically, where, the zinc particles in the coating are in electrically conductive contact with the steel substrate and as electronegative metals, are sacrificial anodes that inhibit steel corrosion)