Waterborne Aluminium Pastes-Speciality grades: ECOSHEEN, NEERAL & ECOMEDIUM - series

Parameters Sieve Solid content
(% min)
Particle Size Distribution
D (50%)
Carrier Application
>63 µm
(% max)
>45 µm
(% max)
Test Methods Trade Mark
(ISO-1247) (Malvern-2000)
ESH 15   0.2 65 12 typical Proprietary solvent Aerosols, DIY
NEERAL 6035 15   67 58 ± 5 Proprietary solvent
EM 1015   1 65 11 ± 1 Proprietary solvent Aerosols, DIY

Wet sieving with mineral spirit / water as rinsing liquid

Because of precarious nature of finely divided aluminium pigment particles in the presence of water (exothermically reacting to form flammable hydrogen gas and converting in to aluminium oxy hydroxides making the aluminium pigments dull), care must be taken to passive the reaction tendencies of aluminium with water while formulating the pigments for water borne coatings. To meet global concerns over the environmental pollutions and the emissions from hydrocarbon solvents / VOCs, waterborne series are introduced by formulating with water borne no VOC solvent medium and fully passivated against reaction with water using a proprietary technique.. ECOSHEEN (ESH 15) is superfine waterborne leafing aluminium paste which has a specially controlled particle size range in CORN FLAKE morphology is introduced to suit waterborne paints and inks. Due to its enhanced leafing,high coverage it can provide strong & brilliant metallic effects. Despite all cares taken for passivating aluminium, one must realize the precariousness of aluminium can not be fully eliminated in the presence of water. Any change in temperature / pressure / pH / presence of iron or iron oxide-like any catalytic substance can make the system vulnerable to reaction. For safer handling and storage of water borne paints, we recommend not to exceed the storage temperature above 35°C and to keep the pH of the formulation less than 9. it is recommended to provide a pressure release vent on to the lid of the paint can in case there is any hydrogen gas accumulation inside the paint vessel over time.

NEERAL & ECOMEDIUM are environmental friendly products designed to suit waterborne paints and inks. Though these products contain necessary passivating chemicals, care must be taken during formulation because of precarious nature of finely divided Aluminium in presence of water.